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urlwatch modified for smtp with login

I came across urlwatch whilst looking for something to tell me if a web page had been updated. Its pure python, and easy for even a beginner like me to read and sus out once I’d worked out where the files were. Your can install it with sudo pip install urlwatch – I needed to […]

A year on the 5:2 way of eating

So I might not have stuck to keeping a blog updated, but I did stick with the fasting ! I thought it might be getting on for a year, and remembered that I’d started a blog. If I remember I will weigh myself on the 1st June, but as of now I weight 176.4 pounds […]

5:2 Way of eating update

Well, for the last four and a bit weeks I’ve not eaten anything on two days, apart from a large bowl of soup late in the evening – typically around 3-400 calories. If anything on the rest of the days I’ve eaten more.  I am certainly eating a big breakfast on the ‘morning after’, though […]

Plan for 4 weeks on the 5:2 way of eating

(you’re not supposed to call it a diet) 🙂 My wife has very wisely suggested that I set myself a milestone and review at that point.  I am tempted to try eating nothing on fast days, but will stick to what worked well for me on the first day. So each Monday and Thursday (day […]

5:2 DIET

Not only taken up running again, but also after having read the ‘fast diet’ book last weekend, decided to try fasting two days a week. Yesterday was my first day.  I had read hundreds or thousands of lines of other peoples advice and research, and decided just to go for it. In the end I […]

Couch to 5K

Have been meaning to start up running again since having a fitness test recently that showed me to be quite (very) un-fit. I went for a run a few years ago, and ran about 2 or 3 miles without incident, but the next day and for quite a few days afterward felt like a truck […]

OpenDNS updater

OpenDNS updater This seems to have worked, but will have to wait until the ip address changes to confirm