5:2 Way of eating update

Well, for the last four and a bit weeks I’ve not eaten anything on two days, apart from a large bowl of soup late in the evening – typically around 3-400 calories.

If anything on the rest of the days I’ve eaten more.  I am certainly eating a big breakfast on the ‘morning after’, though I do think I am feeling fuller with less food now.

Anyway – the stats – I was 92Kg (14st7) when I started.  I am now 84Kg (13st3)

Today I’m fasting – this blog post is one of the several ways I’m procrastinating to make sure I don’t go and have my soup too early, and then feel hungry.

I must say I just haven’t found hunger to be that bigger deal.  For me concentrating my limited supplies of willpower into two days a week seems to work.


I should add that I’ve kept up the Couch to 5K plan too – I will run on the morning I am fasting, but not the morning after.  I’ve tended to run and fast on a Monday, run Wednesday, fast Thursday, and Run on a Saturday.

I’m on Week 6 of the C25K and again – loving it.


I do think I’m more likely to stick to the fasting that the running though 🙂


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