Plan for 4 weeks on the 5:2 way of eating

(you’re not supposed to call it a diet) 🙂

My wife has very wisely suggested that I set myself a milestone and review at that point.  I am tempted to try eating nothing on fast days, but will stick to what worked well for me on the first day.

So each Monday and Thursday (day can be moved if needed) I will

eat nothing, and drink nothing but water until around 8pm.  I will then have a small meal (between 300 and 600 calories) and nothing more till bed.

I’m going to try to have everything prepared in advance so I don’t have to cook from now on.  I’m thinking pots of soup or diet ready meals.

After 4 weeks of this (i.e. around 28th June) I’ll see how I’m doing.  I might even weigh myself !


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