Couch to 5K

Have been meaning to start up running again since having a fitness test recently that showed me to be quite (very) un-fit.

I went for a run a few years ago, and ran about 2 or 3 miles without incident, but the next day and for quite a few days afterward felt like a truck had run me over.  I then got a cold and generally gave it up as a bad job.  I’ve always done a lot of cycling, and I guess my cardio-vascular fitness caused me to run further than my legs could cope with.

I was browsing the web for tips running newbs and came across C25K on the UK NHS site.  A series of podcasts helping you to start running.

Just what I was looking for.  To be honest it feels incredibly slow – after 3 weeks I’ve still only run for a 3 minute continuous period, but really thats the point.  It forces you to build up gradually to running for half an hour.

Anyway I’m on Week 3 day 1 now, and determined to follow it to the letter.


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