5:2 DIET

Not only taken up running again, but also after having read the ‘fast diet’ book last weekend, decided to try fasting two days a week.

Yesterday was my first day.  I had read hundreds or thousands of lines of other peoples advice and research, and decided just to go for it.

In the end I decided that I would not try to have a 300 calorie breakfast, but just not eat all day until the evening.

I have my water bottle as a crutch, and just drank lots of water.  No tea or coffe (decided that it might make me hungry).  I was really fascinating to ‘listen’ to my body trying to nudge me into foraging mode.  By mid morning I had that ‘right – its time to go and eat’ feeling which I would normally act on.  It was pretty easy to cope with until about 2pm, when it got a bit stronger, but not that bad.  It was a busy work day so I just threw myself into that.

Interestingly a lot of people talk about the benefits of having a 16 hr window of no food, and I had finished eating at about 10pm the night before ?

Took the dog out for a longish walk (3 miles) in the early evening then cooked myself a small meal.  Fried half a cabbage in a karahi with a spray of canola (it says 0 calories for a 1/4 second spray, but I doubt my 1 second spray was 4×0=0 calories !  Then added some lean turkey and some chopped ginger and garlic.  Lots of soy sauce.

From the labels I reckon about 300 calories.  In theory according to the diet I could have had another meal that day of a similar amount, or eaten 600 calories in that meal.

To be honest, I enjoyed the meal, but if anything felt hungrier after than before.

I suspect I could have easily toughed it out till bedtime, but maybe I wouldn’t have slept well (I did).  Still felt a bit light headed in the morning, but not with a huge appetite.

I just had my normal bowl of porridge with raisins, and then went for a run (well mostly walking as per the C25K plan).

One really interesting thing was, making a cup of tea this morning, I had a mild hunger pang which I would normally answer with a couple of biscuits from the jar.  Now, supposedly there’s nothing wrong with eating normally on the non fast days, but I was so much more aware of the feeling of hunger being a simplistic cue that I could control how I responded to.

Its similar to being mindful of emotions and not letting yourself be caught up in unhelpful cycles of thought (power of now, clarity etc), but with your tummy !

Now I’m not saying I’ll not be giving in to those pangs again – quite the opposite on 5 days a week.  Its just that even one day’s fasting has made me able to recognise them for what they are.


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