Dansguardian Rebuild (Part 4)

Final stage:

Testing the proxy it had stopped working – presumably DG furtling somehow.  Changed the browser proxy port to 8080.  Remembered at this stage to go in and remove the ‘UNCONFIGURED’ from the DG config file.

Now the scary bit.  In DG Webmin module choose the “Set up lists and configs for multiple filter groups” option.  (you need to stop DG before you do this)

I chose 5 groups – no access, child, teen, adult and unfiltered with various ticks and typing.

The one other part I needed to change was “View/Edit System-Wide Base Config” choose the “plugins” tab and tick proxy-basic.

I think at this point I got my browser to pop up an authentication box.  Choosing “dad” to log on it promptly denied me access (huge progress ! )

Last step was to choose “View/Edit Filter Group Assignments” – choose ‘by user’ and edit the file with entries such as “daniel=filter2”

You can change ‘naughtiness limit’ for any of the groups in “View/Edit A Filter Group’s Base Config” – they are all initially at 50 which is quite low.


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