Dansguardian Rebuild (Part 3)

At this point I decided I needed to install webmin so I followed
this link

When I had it working (can log in with the normal user which you set up and use to ‘sudo’) I checked the ‘squid’ module, which I think was included.  Needed to change a few things in it – certainly a few references to squid needed to be changed to ‘squid3’  I think the execution directory was wrong too.  I typically look in the module config, and check if what is configured there actually exists with an ‘ls’ in the directory or a ‘which squid3’ example.

I still get the ‘cache not initilized’ message, but it doesn’t seem to stop anything.

Once configured Webmin seems to know about the auth program and the users that were set up by hand.  In the final DG setup it seems to take care of the ACLs and so on in the squid config, so I won’t worry about this further at this stage.

Now I added the webmin module for DG following this link to get the file then using webmin config->webmin modules to add a new module.  This took a couple of goes for some reason – in the end I put a copy of the file on the server and pointed it there as uploading it from the web browser seems to cause a problem.

Anyway it worked, but the module seemed very unhappy – at this point I realised I hadn’t actually installed DG yet !   A quick sudo apt-get install dansguardian and it looked bit better.  I needed to change the module config to use “service dansguardian start/stop/restart” and I think the executable was the wrong directory (“which” is your friend in this task)

Part 4


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